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What to Know About Your First Appointment



Please read on to learn what to expect from your massage sessions with me.


There are hundreds of modalities of massage therapy and all of the therapists I know have their own unique style of practicing. Our first session is really about us getting to know each other and to see if my style of bodywork works for you. I specialize in deeply relaxing massage that really engages your parasympathetic nervous system - dialing down the "fight or flight" stress responses in the body and encouraging a sense of calm and well-being. These longer sessions are ideal for those who are looking for help managing stress, anxiety, and/or depression. I also work with clients who have musculoskeletal issues and pain. For these types of clients, I recommend more frequent, but shorter in duration targeted sessions. I use a variety of massage techniques in all of my sessions including Swedish, myofascial, and deep tissue techniques. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs at the time.

  • Please arrive 3-5 minutes early for your first  appointment so you can fill out a short intake form. If you arrive more than 10 minutes early, please wait in the waiting area at the top of the stairs. Gathering this information is important both for your comfort and safety. Sharing it honestly with me will vastly improve the quality of your massage or skincare service. Alternatively, you can print the intake form and bring the completed form with you to your appointment. The intake form must be filled out for the massage session or skincare service to continue. This step is only done at the first appointment. After that, I'll just check in with you quickly at the beginning of each session to ensure that nothing has changed. I will ask clients to update their intake forms periodically (about once a year) so that I have your most current information on file. Skincare services are customized based on your individual skin type and concerns. I work with you to formulate a treatment plan in order to reach the goals you have for your skin including treatments in the office and products that you can use in your own home between sessions.


  • Following intake, we'll chat a little bit about your desires and goals for the session. This is the perfect time to discuss your preferences (do you prefer the room warm or cooler? do you find it uncomfortable to lie on your back? do you like firm pressure or do you prefer gentler work? do you like oil more than lotion?), any areas of the body you'd like me to pay special attention to and those you may want me to avoid. For skincare services, we'll do a quick consultation in order to identify your skin type and any specific concerns you have about your skin. I'll run you through what the session will looks like from start to finish and then step out for you to undress (if you desire to do so) and relax onto the table.


  • ABOUT UNDRESSING: I was taught to tell massage clients to undress to their level of comfort - but what exactly does that mean? Here's what you need to know: most of my clients undress completely or leave on their undergarments only. You will be covered, as is required by state law, throughout the entire the session by a sheet (sometimes also a blanket and/or towel). Only the part of the body that I'm working on at the moment will be undraped. I want you to feel safe, cozy, and comfortable. My office is a judgment-free zone, always. Ultimately, I respect your right to choose how undressed you get for your massage. I will always happily work with you to modify our session based on your preferences.  *I do not allow undraped massage sessions in my practice.* If there are any areas of the body that you prefer stay covered or you want me to avoid, please let me know before your session begins. Please also remove any jewelry that you'd like to stay clean or that might get in the way. Skincare clients may undress for comfort underneath the sheet and blanket, or remain clothed.


  • Once you're on the table, I'll use various massage and stretching techniques and modalities to achieve the goals we talked about during your intake. Don't be afraid to speak up if you love a particular technique, if I do anything you dislike, something is causing you pain, you'd like more or less pressure, if you get too warm.. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your session ideal. Communication is key.


  • I like to use warm towels in most of my massage therapy sessions, at least to wipe excess oil or lotion from the feet and back. I do try to warn clients before placing them on the body, just so the temperature change isn't a shock.


  • When receiving a chemical peel or enzyme treatment, it is vitally important that you keep me aware of any discomfort. Failure to honestly alert me to any burning or stinging sensation could result in damage to the skin. Similarly, please inform me at once if you find any massage technique, temperature, or tool uncomfortable of painful. I strive to keep every client in my office safe, secure, and comfortable.


  • My massage session lengths are hands-on time. Some establishments schedule 50 or 55 minute "hours." In my practice, as long as you arrive on time, you get your full session on the table.


  • When our time together is up, I'll let you know and step out so that you can re-dress. Take your time! When you're ready, just open the door so I know you're ready for me to come back in.


  • Lastly, we'll talk about how you feel after your massage or skincare service, settle up payment, and book your next session. I accept cash, debit, and all major credit cards through Square. You'll get confirmation and reminder text messages about your future appointments unless you advise me otherwise.


My goal is to make your session as perfect as it can be for you. Please don't hesitate to speak up about what you like and what you don't, and I'll always do my best to accommodate you.